Freelance Makeup Artist


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 The Demon’s Rook- Body Painter  Stadler Law Group  Kaiser ACC-CDU  Ford featuring Distira “Music in Me”  Up in Cumming Magazine
 Hunger Games Catching Fire- Makeup/Hair Intern  Lou Tatem  KP Coordinated Advanced Care 24/7  M’Shea “Let Your Hair Down”  Philosophie Boudoir
 Iris Fields-Hair/Makeup Artist  TCM 20th Anniversary  Risque Boudoir  Nicky Will “Summer Love”  Drive In Magazine
 Bad Blood-Makeup Department Head, Key Hair Stylist  BitPay  519 Photography  Granville Automatic “Never on a Sunday”  Drive In Magazine-The Forbidden Issue
 Goat Witch-Hair/Makeup Artist, Contact Lens Specialist, Wardrobe WebMD  Videa – The Great Zola  Stereo Reform “Fire”  Try This at Home – Richard Blais
 Trouble in the Plate- Makeup Artist  The Home Depot  Videa – E Book  Nicky Will “Save Me”  Rock n Roll Bride UK
 Carpe Vita- Hair/Makeup Artist    Watch & Learn Elle Ranae “Over the Edge”  Dark Beauty Magazine
V/H/S: ViralHair stylist/Makeup – Segment “Dante the Great”      Elle Ranae “Heathens” cover  Surreal Beauty Magazine
Debt- Key Hair/Makeup Artist      Elle Ranae “Cheap Thrills” cover  
       Bishop Lake “Esteemed in Darkness”  
      Nicki Minaj ft. 21 Savage “Krippy Kush” Official Lyric Video